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As an island nation consisting of more than 7,100 large and small colorful islands is really a great choice for tourists. The Philippines is a country with a very unique national identity and personality. Filipino life is associated with the blue sea and the Philippine sea is also famous for its attractive beauty.

Throughout the year, on this island nation there are countless traditional activities, festivals held. On major festivals like Ati, Sinulog on Cebu Island ... people wear traditional costumes and dance jubilantly.

The Philippines is also famous for the largest and tallest terraced fields in the world. These picturesque terraced fields are concentrated in Banaue, Ifugao, which has been honored by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

We build Larawan.net website with the aim to help visitors from all over the world understand more about the country, culture and people of the Philippines. With our wonderful pictures & videos, you will love the beautiful Philippines more.

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